Weather Forecast

One of the factors that matters most when we travel is, unfortunately, something we cannot control: the weather. This worries most travellers, and every day we receive emails asking: What will the temperature be like in March? Is it worth to visit the National Park in May? Will it rain on the day of my Day Trip?

And so, to help you, dear travellers, that is why we are writing this post.

About average temperatures in Croatia during the year, we already spoke on other posts and you can check here:

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Now about the actual temperatures, when you are checking Croatia and region, just before traveling, to help you think what to pack, we suggest the following websites:

The AccuWeather :  is an international website that allows you to check the various regions of the country.

And the local website Meteo.hris the most used site to check weather in the country.

With that we believe that you will be well informed about the average temperature of the place that you will visit and can plan to enjoy your trip, in the best way and without surprises.

Did you like our tip? Come and travel with us! We promise unforgettable holidays regardless of the weather 😉