Martina Uremović

Martina has been working as a tour guide for Kamuf Tours agency since 2017. She has a license for Zagreb and Zagreb County for Croatian, English and Italian language. She is currently learning Spanish and from spring she will be a guide in the Spanish language as well.

For Martina, the job of a tour guide is very satisfying and fulfilling because her passion is meeting people from all over the world and through their stories learning about different cultures and their countries. She enjoys traveling and learning new foreign languages.  Martina is a cheerful and positive person and in everything she does, she puts a lot of love, energy, and emotions.

She graduated in Italian Language and Literature from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. Before working as a tour guide, Martina worked for four years at a language school and taught English and Italian language to preschool children.

She believes that Croatia is an ideal tourist destination because it has something to offer for everyone: from the untouched paradise islands to the wild party destinations, mountains, national parks, lakes, forests, valleys and old historical towns with an interesting history.     Her top destination in Croatia is the Plitvice Lakes and, of course, her hometown, Zagreb. Other than that Martina always suggests visiting the south of Croatia with the most beautiful coast and all the islands and neighborly country Slovenia with its charming mountains and the caves.