Ivan Rubil

Ivan has always seen the traveling experience as a fruitful dialogue between both the domestic people and the foreign guests. As he’s majoring Croatian language and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Zagreb, he considers it a privilege to share knowledge and experience with people from all over the world. His research interests are languages, history, culture, archaeology, psychology, literature, history, music while keeping an eye on global sports events.  He has been working as a licensed tour guide and a local guide in Zagreb, Croatia, for nearly 2 years.

Ivan sees his tours as daily opportunities for his guests and him to spontaneously discover a surprise solution for some hidden historical mystery or at least to locate a good bar with fine coffee anywhere in this part of the world. Ivan is fluent in English and Croatian language, he believes he handles Italian and German, with a non-concealed passion towards distant languages and cultures such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean and others. In today’s solitary Internet worlds of information, he believes in the strength of experience given by communication face-to-face, mind-to-mind and in a real-life situation and location. This is why Ivan will be happy to share with you what his country, region and himself may humbly offer to you individually, as he will also value the learning possibility he has with you – his guests.