Nives Juričan

Nives – or simply “Nina” to most of her guests – is our Zagreb born and raised guide for the English, German and Swedish language.

While studying Law and Scandinavian languages/culture, she got drawn to the world of tours and travel and loved it so much that what started out as a student job eventually became her calling.

Passionate about animals and the environment, she truly enjoys walking around this beautiful part of the world, showing it to those who come to experience it.

As a daughter of the most northern Croatian region, Zagorje, she is thrilled to keep discovering this area with her guests: this green, hilly, fairy-like part of the land is, in her opinion, the “undiscovered gem of Croatia”.

Besides Zagorje, Istria is another part of Croatia she believes one definitely shouldn’t miss. If her passion wasn’t law and travel, she believes she would have been a historian specializing in architecture. This is why her admiration for Istria is so strong: it’s the perfect example of the most elegant combination of nature and beautiful, picturesque towns.

Nives is also a guide coordinator, or, as she calls it, the mother hen to her flock of wonderful guides.