Jeronim Cimperšak Žigrović

Since his young days, Jeronim was a traveler, entrepreneur, always seeking for new challenges. His passion for knowledge led him to study Geography where he mastered. Before finishing his studies he already started his career in tourism as a tour guide. After getting a diploma he was balancing between teaching in school and guiding. Eventually, he made a choice to completely dedicate his professional life to tourism, set up a tour agency and gathered the most awesome team in the world. Up to this date, many relatives and friends are doubting his decision to leave a full-time public job for the uncertain and stormy waters of entrepreneurism. But from year to year, he is proving the choice he made was a right one.

As a Sagittarius, he is curious and energetic, extrovert and optimistic, loves to travel and enjoys nature – especially the sea! Has a certain passion for gadgets, cars and he recently acquired a stronger taste for motorbikes and planes to pursue his idea about traveling on two wheels.

Before all of the above, he is in love with his wife and adores his daughter. Both of them are his anchor in the safe port and the best part of all of his travels is traveling with or returning to them!

Although the whole Croatia is an endless fountain of attraction he has a soft spot for the city of Zadar. When you get there with him he will explain why!