Jurica Cimperšak Žigrović

Jurica has started working in our company six years ago, soon after he got his master’s degree in Slavic languages and literature at the University of Zagreb.

In his own words, being a guide gives him the opportunity to see the beauty with new eyes, because that is exactly what happens in interaction with his guest when he shows them Zagreb, Croatia, and neighboring countries. For Jurica, the highlight of every tour is when something leaves the guest speechless.

Zagreb is his hometown so a tour in this city is also a tour of his memories. When it comes to his favorite place in Croatia, Jurica follows the Roman emperor Diocletian’s taste and chooses Split. In this eclectic big city, he can show you where to enjoy the clean blue sea, pine forest of Marjan Hill or just sip an espresso in a small, narrow stone street. People in Split is something Jurica likes the most about that city, so he will encourage you to get to know their jovial Mediterranean manners.

Out of the borders of Croatia, showing you the powerful Julian Alps in Slovenia would be his greatest pleasure: the changing color of Socha River, crisp mountain air, blue sky over the snow-topped peaks is something that can hardly be forgotten.

When it comes to his personal travel wishes, he hopes to drive the Big Sur, Trans Siberian railway and visit Mars (or any other planet except the most beautiful of them all).