Destination: Zagreb

Most people when they hear about Croatia they normally imagine a crystal blue sea, great parties or lush landscapes. And we are proud to declare that this is the purest reality!

But we must remember that this small country of 4 million people is not only made of beautiful beaches and national parks. Where am I going with this story? Well, this post is to defend the charming capital of Croatia, the city of Zagreb! And why do I think this European capital must be defended? Simple! Because many people when planning a trip to Croatia or the Balkans just not give even a peek in Zagreb and I must confess that this is a shame!

Zagreb is a city rich in history and culture, with a super nice atmosphere, full of cafes, bars, restaurants and museums, a delightful place that is worth spending at least a day and a night and then continue the journey to the dreamed coastal region.

Shopping in Zagreb, Zagreb Cathedral Do not miss the chance to visit Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.


Who arrive by train in Zagreb will have a great first impression of the city, with one of its main places. The Glavni Kolodvor (Central Station), is located right in front of the Art Pavilion and the King Tomislav Square. There, is already possible to start feeling the atmosphere of the city. Many people often spend afternoons and arrange to meet friends in the various parks around the capital.

Arts Pavilion, Zagreb The beautiful Arts Pavilion, in Zagreb, during the Advent


Head towards the heart of the city, the Ban Jelačića Square, but do not forget to look around, admiring the architecture and the landscaping project of the city. Make a stop at Zrinijevac Park and take time to forget that you are in the capital, after all, here the vibe can be so calm that sometimes it is hard to believe that this is the most important city in Croatia.

Upon arriving at the Square Ban Jelačića note the fountain, where it all began; observe the people around; the coming and going of the blue trams (called Tranvaj); the numerous bakeries with a delicious smell and, if you can resist, follow towards Kaptol, where is located the Cathedral. The Cathedral is the highest building in the country, and will always will be, because that is the national rule.

Ban Jelacic Square, Zagreb The square Ban Jelačić, is the main meeting place of Zagreb, capital of Croatia.


There, be sure to visit Dolac, the largest and most important open market in the country, where the Zagreb citizens do their daily shopping. Use the opportunity to try some national delicacies from local producers.

Then head to the trendy Tkalčićeva street full of bars, restaurants and cafes. This street holds many mysteries and secrets. We share everything with you in our city tour Zagreb Complete Puzzle.

Dolac, Zagreb.Dolac, the most traditional market of Zagreb.


Visit the Upper Town, St. Mark’s Square with the iconic St. Marks Church, the Lotrščak tower and then go back to the Lower Town. Be sure to stroll through Ilica, the longest street in the city, full of shops; and also visit the charming Square of Flowers.

If you want to visit Zagreb without losing any detail, curiosity and historical fact, do not hesitate to contact us!

The city has good connections of train, bus and plane that allow visitors to easily move around the neighboring countries. If you are planning to visit Croatia or the region we would love to show you the secrets of this wonderful places! 😉