Zagreb Complete Puzzle

  • Destination: Croatia, Zagreb
  • Duration: 4h
  • Price: from 50 € / person

If you are determent to get to know Zagreb completely, you will like this tour. It is our best seller. Combination of driving and walking gives you chance to see dislocated parts of the city, and still enjoy a nice walk through the old town.

In this urban adventure, we’re going to make a complete “scan” of the city. To make it easier we will also use a car.

The most charming part of the city is the Old Town (Cathedral, Tkalčić Street, Stone Gate, St. Mark’s Church, Parliament, Government, Lotršćak tower…). Through this part, we’ll walk.

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After that, we will continue on 4 wheels. We will drive through the Down Town and see examples of 19th-century architecture (National Theater, Main Railway Station, Art Pavilion), and more “modern” buildings (Old National Library, Mimara Museum, Meštrović Pavilion etc.). These will be, for sure, nice sights and will take a lot of space on your camera’s memory cards.

There is more…
Crossing the River Sava, we will enter New Zagreb. Like the name suggests, it is new. It was built south of Sava river after 1950 and for a while, it was just the “sleeping room” of Zagreb. But it woke up. Zagreb Fair, Hippodrome, New Museum of Contemporary Art, malls, parks, made this area, in the last 20 years, a desirable place to live. It would be a mistake not to see it.

And in the end, one of the most shining pearls of this tour – Mirogoj Cemetery (unfortunately often missed by many travelers). But not you!

Come with us in this complete tour of the charming capital of Croatia, Zagreb.


Prices are per person in EUR!

  • 2 people – 90,00 € per person
  • 3-4 people – 70,00 € per person
  • 5-6 people – 50,00 € per person
  • 7+ people – On request