Shopping in Zagreb

For many people travel begins long before the arrival at the airport, the joy and excitement surrounding the trip starts from planning, choosing the destination, deciding about hotels, searching places to visit and eat well, everything becomes part of the experiment.

And in the same way that for some people tasting new local flavors, visiting places less or more touristic, talk to the local people and feel the atmosphere of the place visited is a must; many people also give much value to the opportunity of shop in the destinations they visit.

And the wish for shopping during trips can  vary a lot. From visiting national and traditional shops, local crafts and souvenirs to large department stores. If you are one of those people who think that a trip is not complete without a walk through some shops, this post is for you 😉

Arriving in the center of Zagreb, capital of Croatia, you will see yourself surrounded by a lot of bakeries with delicious smells, blue trains, local people transiting all around and shops. The heart of the city, the square Ban Jelačić, is a great starting point to start exploring this charming capital.

Ban Jelacic Square, Zagreb The square Ban Jelačić, is the main meeting place of Zagreb, capital of Croatia.


From there you can follow the famous Ilica, the longest street in the city, full of international shops like Zara, Adidas, Nike…

Ilica Street, ZagrebIlica Street, the longest street in Zagreb.


Also close to Ilica and the main square is the charming Flowers Square (Cvijetni Trg), where a small mall also has international brands such as HeM, L’Occitane, Apple…

Flowers Square (Cvjetni Trg), Zagreb. Flowers Square (Cvjetni Trg), Zagreb. Foto:


Following towards the Zagreb Cathedral there are several souvenir shops. There you can find everything from local crafts to the most common souvenirs like magnets, cups, lavender sachets and more. Near the cathedral is the most famous open air market in the country, Dolac. This market full of colors and smells is the most frequented by locals and is a great place for those who want to experience national flavors coming direct from some local producers.

Dolac, Zagreb.Dolac, the most traditional market of Zagreb.


Continuing towards the Upper City (Gornij Grad) is worth visiting the Tkalčićeva Street. Known for cafes, bars and restaurants, this charming street also offers several options of art crafts and national products. Wander through the streets of downtown is one of the best ways to find souvenirs and special gifts.

Tkalčićeva Street in Zagreb. The charming Tkalčićeva Street in Zagreb.


Some of the most traditional souvenirs of the country are the lavender products, licitarsko srce (the heart symbol of Zagreb), the tie, rakija or national liquors and also local sweets and chocolates.

Lavender, Croatia Lavender is one of the most traditional products of the country and a favorite of travelers to give as a souvenir.


And for those who are interested in knowing the country’s shopping hub there’s also the option of shopping malls, of course. One of the largest and easily accessible for those who are in the center is the Arena Centar, near the beautiful construction of the Arena Zagreb.

Arena Centar Shopping, ZagrebShopping Arena Centar, in Zagreb


During our city tours in Zagreb you will pass by most of these places and still learn many curiosities and interesting facts about the city. Choose your favorite spots to walk around and find your travel souvenirs and contact us; we will love to share this experience with you.