Destination: Brač

In the last weekend Kamauf Tours’s team made an exploratory trip to the island of Brač in Dalmatia. The purpose of the trip, in addition to team building, was to get to know the island better and see everything it has to offer to our clients.

Bags packed we left Zagreb on Friday towards warm Dalmatia. Despite the beautiful sunny days in Zagreb region, we are already experiencing negative degrees in the mornings. Therefore, our greatest joy was arriving at the Croatian coast and being received not only with sun but also with much more pleasant temperatures in the range of 20 and 23 degrees.

To reach the island of Brač is necessary to go to the city of Split and there take a ferry. The path in the ferry lasts about 50 minutes. When in the transportation the view of Split is beautiful at any time of day.

City of Split The city of Split view from the ferry to the island of Brač


The island of Brač is famous for its amazing beaches but also by many olive trees that inhabit the island. Because of that the olive oil made on the island is considered the best in the country and is in the ranking of world’s best. Brač is also world renowned for the white stones used in the construction of Diocletian’s Palace, which is located in Split, and the White House in Washington, USA.

The largest cities of the island are Supetar, where the port is located, and Bol. In Bol is the most photographed beach in Croatia, the unusual Zlatni Rat, which besides the exuberant mix of shades of blue, change the formation of sand according to the wind.

Zlatni Rat, Croatia Zlatni Rat, besides having an amazing blue sea had an special peculiarity: the beach changes its formation according to the wind.


The next day we explored the island. Our first stop was at Selca village. There we visited Brachia, a concept store of olive oil where you can make a tasting of olive oil, an amazing experience for those who appreciate it! In addition to the store, filled with varieties of pure and aromatic olive oils, jams and other delicacies the space also offers lunch, coffee and regional drinks.

Brachia shop and restaurant in Selca on the island of BračBrachia’s store and restaurant is where you can taste delicacies of Dalmatia and various types of olive oil. It is located in the village of Selca, in Brač


But in our case before we try all that we had to work hard. So we went to one of the island’s fields and learned to pick olives. It was an amazing experience! And the view? Breathtaking! There still feels like summer: beautiful day, blue sea and warm temperatures.

Olive harvest view on the island Brač Not a bad place to work, right?!

<Dalmatian olive trees Dalmatian Olives


We follow straight from the harvest to the beach. The water was crystal clear and with so many shades of blue that you could not believe it was real.

A lot of blue shades in the sea of BračThe paradise is in Brač..


Then we went to the place where the olives are cleaned, milled and processed into olive oil.

Processing olive oil in Brač Modern process of olive oil production on the island of Brač


From there we return to Brachia, had a complete explanation about olive and olive’s types and did the tasting. We ended our day with a delicious dinner full of Dalmatian delicacies, olives pate, jams and of course olive oil!

Olive oil tasting in Brachia Tasting various types of olive oil and aromatic oils in the store-restaurant Brachia


On the last day we went to Vidova Gora the highest point of the island. The view from there is wonderful.

Vidova Gora's view The amazing view from Vidova Gora, the highest point on the island of Brač


Our last stop was at the Olive Oil Museum. There we learn how olive oil was made until 1963. The process was all manual, required tremendous force, several workers and took 10 hours.

Olive oil museum, in Brač During the visit to the Olive Oil Museum we learned how the manual manufacturing process was laborious and complicated


Now that we’ve learned a lot about the island of Brač, we invite you to come learn with us. Would you like to have an experience like this? Contact us, we will love to receive you.