Plitvice Lakes

How to put into words the beauty of a place? If you are a nature lover the Plitvice Lakes National Park will be like a dream come true, but if you are not, believe me, it will also! Stunning nature and beautiful landscapes, the tour for the Plitvice Lakes National Park is always a great suggestion.

During our tour through the park, we will guide you to the best track according to your physical and health conditions and also consider the time you wish to spend in the park.

As soon as you enter the National Park prepare yourself for the wonder. You are going to find out an incredible amount of natural beauty, maybe the biggest you have ever seen. Thousands of species of trees, insects, and animals. Waterfalls of various shades of blue and green, with various sizes and lots of fishes.

plitvice lakes

Since 1979 the park is a UNESCO World Heritage because of its geological and ecological importance. And no wonder: in the 30.000 hectares of native vegetation mountains are home to 16 crystal-clear lakes of different sizes, connected by waterfalls. It is a breathtaking vision!

And do not worry if you are not planning to travel to Croatia during the summer! This park is worth visiting during all seasons because at each season it transforms itself into a completely different scenario but still magnificent.

During winter the waterfall and lakes can be frozen and the whole park becomes covered in snow. Even though the path can be a bit more complicated to cross, the adventure for sure is worth it.

The park has a great infrastructure, there are a few points of toilets and also a stop where it’s possible to buy snacks like sandwiches, ice-cream, drinks, and souvenirs. But we always recommend to our guests to bring at least a bottle of water to make your visit more comfortable.

Note: It’s not possible to swim in the Plitvice Lakes National Park but, if you would like to swim in this stunning Croatian waters, you can also book a visit to the Krk National Park. Kamauf Tours has Day trips from Split to the Krk National Park, that is also one of the most beautiful parks in Croatia and allow visitors to swim in specific areas.

Day Trips to Plitvice Lakes National Park

From Zagreb: on our Day Trip from Zagreb two stops are included if the visitors wish. One in the Open Museum of Croatian War, where you can take a look at some of the airplane and other historical objects from the National War; and another stop in Rastoke, a small and charming town, with mills built at the junction of two rivers.

From Split: on our Day Trip from Split its possible to stop in the city of Šibenik or Trogir, if requested by the visitors.

Transfer from Zagreb to Zadar, stopping at Plitvice Lakes National Park: This transfer to the city of Zadar has the possibility of stopping in the Plitvice Lakes National Park, that is on the way to the Croatian Coast. That is also a great way to visit the park and continue your trip.

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Day trips from


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