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One of the factors that matters most when we travel is, unfortunately, something we cannot control: the weather. This worries most travellers, and every day we receive emails asking: What will the temperature be like in March? Is it worth to visit the National Park in May? Will it rain on the day of my […]

If you are planning your trip to Croatia and like old and historical cities, it’s worth adding an extra day to enjoy our day trip to Hum, Motovun and Opatija in the Istria region. On this tour, we leave Zagreb in the morning towards the smallest city in the world, Hum, with a population of […]

If you are a runner and loves to test your limits, prepare yourself, because the registrations for the Du Motion Dubrovnik are open! The event, that happen from 29th to 30th April 2017, offers 4 types of race: a half marathon; a race through the wonderful walls of Dubrovnik; a 5k race to raise funds […]

Few people remember and know, but thanks to the Croatian Nikola Tesla today we have the radio and numerous others inventions related to the field of electromagnetism. Tesla is often described as an important scientist and inventor of modernity, a man who “spread light on the face of the earth” and there is a reason […]

For those who are not fans of the big heat of summer season, or do not care to have a swim in the Adriatic Sea, the months of September and October are great to enjoy Croatia and the region. In addition to the milder temperatures this time of year also brings other advantages, such as […]

Talk about what to do in Croatia during these months is very easy, after all this is the period of the long-awaited European summer. Specifically in Croatia temperatures start to rise and can already be considered hot, especially from the second half of June. So if you plan to visit the country during this time […]

The beautiful island of Brač in Dalmatia hides many stunning locations, one of the most known is the beach Zlatni Rat, located in Bol’s town. The most curious of this beach which is only 635m is that its formation varies according to the wind changes, currents and tide. So, if you visit it at different […]

The trendy island of Hvar, lies on the coast of Dalmatia, in southern Croatia. The island is famous since the antique because of its important strategic and nautical position, the rich of the various historical periods, the culture and natural monuments and the literature. To get to Hvar the best option is to leave from […]

The Montenegrin relief varies from high mountain peaks on the borders with Albania and Serbia, through Karst segments in the West of the Balkan Peninsula, to a narrow flat strip on the coast. The flat part turns abruptly in the mountains present on the brink of Kotor Bay and Mount Lovćen and Mount Orjen.   […]

Most people when they hear about Croatia they normally imagine a crystal blue sea, great parties or lush landscapes. And we are proud to declare that this is the purest reality! But we must remember that this small country of 4 million people is not only made of beautiful beaches and national parks. Where am […]

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Kamauf Tours is a company that provides services in tourism – tours, transfers and sightseeing in Zagreb, Croatia and neighboring countries. The name was given in honor of Janko Kamauf, the first mayor of Zagreb (1850) who unified the city.

We will organize everything you need for a memorable holiday in Zagreb and Croatia. Respecting the tradition and spirit of the passed times and considering demands of the modern day travelers, we want to show you our city and country, its streets, people, customs, colors, scents and flavors!!!


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